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Breed Selection


The Chartreux cat is the only cat typically French : the selection process started around the 30s by two sisters Ms Léger in Belle-Ile-en-Mer, an island located in Brittany, where a colony of cats with gray-blue coat and yellow eyes was living in the wilds.

Breed description

The Chartreux cat belongs to a very old French breed. Thanks to its sturdiness, its intelligence and afterwards its sociability, it could survive in the wilderness on our soil for many centuries although men were first interested in fur trade. Its qualities are part of its genetic inheritance and must be preserved as well as its physical characteristics.

The Chartreux cat is a sturdy cat with a large breast and a strong body. Its head is characterized by a straight nose, a plane between ears, chops particularly marked in the adult male. When you look at the cat from the front, these chops have the shape of a trapezium, the large size down, the shorter up. Ears are set straight up on the skull giving an alert look to the cat. Eyes vary from intense yellow to copper yellow color with no green traces; they are large, slightly almond-shaped and slant upwards.

The fur is dense and a bit wooly because of a thick undercoat. The color varies from bright gray to blue gray. But it must keep a blue shine, especially in the sunshine.

The male is much more sturdily built, robust and chubby than the female.

The Chartreux cat is a quiet cat : it mews rarely and is affectionate. It submits itself easily to an indoor life without losing its physical ability which gave it an excellent reputation of mouse-hunter in the past.

Standards are officially registered :

L.O.O.F (available in France) (still in French)

F.I.F.E (international) (still in French)



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