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Its behaviour :

Easy and quiet, the Chartreux cat adapt itself to any kind of situations. Quite social, it will welcome your guests with pleasure. It well stands travels in car and accepts to have an harness with a leash to escort you in your walks in the country.

Health :

If you are looking for a rustic cat, the Chartreux cat is the right one. You will not often have to go to the vet; but do not forget the required vaccination boosters.

Diet :

Food could be traditional or otherwise : no problem ! But remember that cats do not stand brusque changes of food. Since it has good appetite, you have to control its intake, especially when it has been neutered : watch overweightness !

Care :

You need a metal comb, a bristle brush.
Usually, you will brush your cat once a week. But during moulting period (spring & fall), comb it carefully, do not panic at the quantity of dead hair !

Reproduction and cat show :

Faults :white spots or mark under the throat, green eyes, not-straight nose ("stop"), knot at the end of the tail.
Crossbreeding of Charteux and British cats must be prohibited. Let us them keep their genuine identity. The Chartreux cats is a full breed, the British Blue is a variety (color) of the British Shorthair which has a full gamut of colors and whom eyes colors (light blue, orange or crossed eyes) vary according to the coat.
Morphologically Chartreux and British Shorthair cats are different :

* the Chartreux cat has a head with full cheeks shaped within a trapezium ; eyes are not too round and slightly slant upwards, straight nose with no stop nor curvature ; the tail is rather thin and tapering at the tip; feet are large.

* the British cat has a head with rond cheeks shaped within a circle, round eyes, a rounded tail and round feet. The nose can be slightly curved.

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